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Bio time floats towards the future.
Sojourn. This is the journal of blazingeternity. A girl that is floating through the world, through life, between her different ethnicities and cultures.

I love a lot of things and I dislove just as many. I say dislove because hate is just too strong an emotion and before I hate, I just don't care. And sometimes I wonder if that's not even worse...
I can be very serious - or not serious at all. blazingeternity though, is like a photo album, with photographs taken wherever in the world, whenever in life. Photographs that capture something special, something that makes me think about. Just that this journal is not about pictures, but memories, thoughts and stories; most of all: interactions with other people. All fleeting touches in our blazing eternity that form nothing but a feeble bond.
Yepp, I put a lot of thought in this username, the theme and the design and that is probably typically me.
I also love to travel and regard life as a journey that is not only subject to coincidence but can very well be steered and guided.
Other than that I'm very much into music, Japanese and not-so Japanese, pop, rock, metal etc. Various kinds of motion pictures, the groundbreaking question if we still exist if no one else knows about it and random gossip...

So, if we're community buddies or you're just interested in reading my journal, feel free to get in touch ^^
Depart. Btw, I'm a moderator over at kuukra - so in case you like Kra and haven't joined yet: Join! It's awesome and friendly and fuzzy and probably the best Kra-comm in the world! :D

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